Revealing the
Light Within


I came to photography when I turned 30. I had just been Honorably Discharged from my service in the United States Navy and was embarking on my civilian Nursing career which encompassed the next 26 years of my life until a work-related injury ended my career. I’ve always been the “different” one in my family and amongst the general population. One day I decided to take a photography class at my local community college in Long Beach, CA and the rest is Her story.

As a photographer, I have my own Vision, and my Vision defines Spirit within me. I have the privilege and the opportunity to engage with people, who in turn reveal to me the inner aspect of themselves that illustrates the personal Light and Spirit that makes each one unique and special. This is what allows me to translate my Vision. And that is the image I create. It matters not if my subject is a person, a pet, a river, a landscape or a celestial body. What I give you is my best, always.

I have found my Voice, my Spirit and my Vision here in Asheville. I have come Home to a place I’ve never been before.